How long does delivery take? 

Delivery times depend on where your order was shipped from. If your order was shipped from one of our international warehouses, expect a 10-14 day delivery time. If your order was shipped from one of our American warehouses, your order will arrive in 3-5 days.  

What if my package does not arrive? 

If your package does not arrive within our current time frames, please understand that sometimes there can be delays that occur that are out of our control. We can assure that your package is on its way to you and you will receive it. 

What if I entered the wrong address?

If you entered wrong information on your order, please contact us immediately. We'll do our best to get it changed for you but there's no garuntee as we ship our orders out very fast. 

How do I track my order?

When your order has shipped you will receive an email shipment confirmation along with a tracking number to track your order. If you have not received this email, that means your order has not shipped out yet. To track your order, put your tracking number into the "track your order" section of our website. If you have any questions please contact us

What if I do not receive an order confirmation email/text?

This means 1 of 2 things: 

1) you put down an incorrect contact on your order. 

2) There was an error in our system. 


Please contact us with information like your full name, or address so we can find your order and get the confirmation re-sent.