Rapid ice maker
Rapid ice maker
Rapid ice maker
Rapid ice maker

Rapid ice maker

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❄️Rapid Ice Maker❄

Compact. Portable. Durable. and Easy to use.

✔️Silicone Double Chamber design holds ice cubes, and chill syour drinks at the same time!

✔️ Compact design allows easy storage in freezer, and it is 100% dishwasher safe!

✔️ Fully Air-tight lid, keeps ice clean, odor free, and fresh!

✔️After frozen, it can keep drinks chilled for hours with ease!

The Rapid Ice Maker is a portable and convenient ice maker that holds up to 112 cubes of ice at once. It's as simple to use as filling it up with your favorite beverage, inserting the middle chamber, and then waiting for it to freeze. The easy-to-fill silicone mold holds up to 72 cubes of ice, and the middle chamber holds 40, making enjoying refreshing drinks with friends a breeze.

The Rapid Ice Maker is your new go-to refrigerator accessory. This silicone design makes holding ice and chilling drinks a breeze!

 How to use?
1. Add water slowly along the gap of the cup wall and the water level should be lower than the edge of the outer barrel.
2. Press the inner cylinder hard to make sure there is no water at the bottom of the ice bucket (Note: if there is water at the bottom, the inner barrel will float up)
3. Cover and place the ice bucket horizontally in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours
4. Take out the ice bucket, pinch and squeeze the ice bucket with water to drop the ice

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